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Base Services
Membership feeFREE
Receive package FREE
Return package FREE + shipping fee
Trash package FREE
Warehouse Storage
Free storage 30 days
Overdue storage $1 / day
Storage limit 18 cubic feet
Photo of Packages
Photo request$1 / photo
Additional Services
Consolidationfrom $1 / package *
Repacking from $1 / package *
Optional Services
Invoice removal$1
Price tag removal$1
Security Services
Extra bubble wrap$2
Fragile sticker$1
Security tape$1
Strapping box$1
Heavy duty box$5
Personal Shopper
Purchase online$15 or 5% of purchase + fees **
Custom Services
Available upon request. Fees will be determined using common sense and based on the amount of work needed to fulfill your request

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What our customers say about our rates

I had some troubles finding original parts for a '65 Ford Falcon here in the UK. Thankfully, ShipWmade my life easier. I have ordered everything I needed from the US and the shipping rates were ones of the best. Now I can ride this gorgeous piece of engineering again.

Oliver S.Birmingham, United Kingdom

I love ShipW for the quality and the prices of their services.I have a few favorites US stores from where I place orders every month. I love that I can shop from multiple stores and they can send me everything in one nice large package.

Ashley D.Perth, Australia

ShipW is a life saver. At first, when I moved from the States to Germany, I really missed some of my favorite products from back home. That was until I discovered the package forwarding service from ShipW. Now I can enjoy US products even though I'm on the other side of the world.

Katie W.Nürnberg, Germany

I absolutely love your services! The prices are good, shipping is fast, and the fact that you don’t charge a membership fee as other similar services makes you way cooler. Being able to shop US stores from miles away and enjoy the same experience as every US citizen makes me feel good.

Luke G.Pretoria, South Africa