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Shipping to Canada – What You Need to Know

Shipping to Canada is now easier than ever. Thanks to our fast and affordable service, you can send a package to Canada without breaking your budget. Each of our staff members is well trained in the nuances of the international shipping industry. Our years of expertise are priceless in helping you to determine the most cost effective way to approach your shipping strategy.

Send your parcel to Canada with confidence knowing you have a mentor that can guide you through the process from start to finish. Whether you are shipping your luggage to Canada for a summer vacation stay, or a pallet of products to your customers, our staff can find the most affordable and secure way to get your items delivered on time.

Not all parcel delivery companies are created equal. We have all heard horror stories of people dealing with nightmare shipping companies. Trusting the wrong company to deliver your package to Canada could result in unnecessary delays, and in the worst-case scenarios, your package could be permanently lost.

Shipping Packages from the US to Canada

Every country has its own customs requirements and Canada is no exception. You should go to Canada's customs regulations page and make sure you are adhering to their requirements, prior to shipping. Every package to Canada must include a customs invoice. This invoice will require such information as:

  • What is in your package?
  • Why are you sending it?
  • What is the value of your package?

The customs invoice is used to determine your taxes. In Canada, duty and taxes are based on the reason for export and the value of the items. This can mean luxury items, being imported to be re-sold, can have higher taxes than personal exports. Taxes are required to be paid upon your packages arrival to Canada. In some cases you are required to have supporting paperwork, that shows the products country of origin. Prohibited or restricted items will most likely be seized, so be sure to not send anything that happens to be on these lists.

Tips for Shipping Packages from The US to Canada

You should always ship a few days early. By doing this, you are preparing yourself for any delays that may occur at customs. It is important to understand that transit times do not take into account customs days. Always fill your customs invoice out completely. This includes your cell phone number, email, and address. A second number should be added to guarantee someone is available when needed.

When shipping valuables you should always take the extra coverage. This added insurance can save you thousands. It is important to understand, that in the event of a claim, you will need to prove the value of any items you claim to have lost.

The average time it takes to ship, a package to Canada is between 1 to 3 days. This timeframe can vary depending upon what you are shipping and how long customs takes to approve your parcel. Added delays can occur if your paperwork is not properly completed.

Shipping Boxes to Canada is Our Specialty

Our staff specializes in corporate, as well as individual shipping strategies. Our expert staff understands that shipping from the US to Canada can be a daunting task. We alleviate your stress by providing the lowest shipping cost to Canada. Our shipping rates to Canada are designed to allow you the most security at the lowest rate. Whether you are shipping a package to the Calgary in Alberta, or the financial district in Ottawa, you will not find a more comprehensive shipping firm. Let us help you send your package to Canada.

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