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A How to on Shipping to India from USA

India is known for its densely populated cities, filled with beautiful culture. India is one of the world's most populated regions, ranking number 2 in the world in overall population. This means India is one of the best markets you can get into. By providing products to India, you open your business up to billions of potential clients. Over 1.2 billion potential and future clients await your business in the Indian marketplace. Shipping from USA to India doesn't have to be confusing. Our professionally trained staff has the necessary experience to provide you with the best possible shipping strategy.

When you send a parcel to India, you want to rest assured that your package will be delivered in a timely and professional manner. A late or missed delivery can have a huge impact on how your clients and customers view your professionalism.   Avoid any mishap by going with our proven international shipping strategies. We send parcels to India on a daily basis and we understand the most efficient and cost-effective ways to facilitate shipping to India from USA.

When a package is shipped to India, it must go through a customs procedure. This process is designed to regulate imports into India and weed out any non-compliant items from entering the country. It is also a way for India to configure what your import tax will be. Import tax is based on many factors. The primary factors in this decision are the reasons for import and the cost per item. This means you will be taxed at a higher rate for luxury items. You may also receive an additional tax for items being sent into the country for resale. Certain items such as cars or other vehicles have additional taxes that are particular to them.

Every package entering into India is inspected and its customs invoice is reviewed. This customs invoice must be properly filled out in entirety to pass the customs procedure. This invoice will have all relevant information on the freight to India. You will need to fill this out correctly. Any mistakes can lead to a customs confiscation. If you fail to put the right contact info you may find that your package is lost forever. A customs invoice states what it is you are sending, why you are sending it, and how much what you are sending is worth.

Tips for Sending Freight to India

In most scenarios, a properly filled out customs invoice will get your parcel to India delivered on time. It is important to understand that customs delays can and do occur frequently. If you have a package that must arrive on exactly on or before time, you should send it as early as possible. By taking this tiny step, you have increased your preparation for any customs delays that might occur. Customs Delays are not figured into your shipping schedule as they are unpredictable and completely up to the discretion of the country, you are shipping to.

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Our staff has years of experience navigating the international shipping market. The experience is priceless when composing the proper shipping strategy for yourself or your company. We have helped countless businesses reach the ever-expanding Indian customer base without having to deal with the stress international shipping can cause. Let us help you chose a price effective strategy that is custom tailored to fit your particular needs. We are the best currier to India because of our proven record of success and our competitive pricing strategy.

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