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Ireland is a lot more than leprechauns and magic rainbows and as Ireland economy continues to grow so does the chance of you shipping to Ireland. This one-of-kind island is home to over six million inhabitants. The beautiful landscape is a combination of plains surrounded by low-lying mountains.

It makes no difference to us if you are shipping a parcel to Ireland or shipping freight to Ireland. Our firm treats all our clients with the highest level of quality and we are committed to finding the perfect shipping solution for your company. Tapping into the Irish market is a smart move and the proper shipping strategy should be a critical part of your business's expansion plans.

This beautiful country could be the perfect market for you to begin offering your products and services to. Shipping from US to Ireland seems confusing at first but the proper research soon sheds light on the best procedures to follow.

Shipping to Ireland – Shipping Parcels to Ireland

Every package entering into Ireland is subject to a customs inspection. This means you need to be informed about what items are considered prohibited. If you ship a prohibited item, it will be confiscated and you will have no way of getting it back. Never assume that an item is ok to ship. Many countries have unique and even bizarre items they considered harmful enough to ban. This can include items as trivial as foreign calendars.

Shipping to Ireland – How to Avoid the Delays

Your customs invoice provides customs with the insight they need to determine your import tax. This is done by taking into consideration three important factors. What are you sending? Why are you sending it and how much is it worth? This data is used to compute your import tax. Luxury or big ticket items can have additional taxes associated with them. Customs can cause significant delays. To avoid any unintended delivery times you should try to send parcels to Ireland as early as possible.

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