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Shipping to Malaysia – How to do it Right

It does not take long to see the advantages of shipping to Malaysia. This economic powerhouse has continued to experience explosive growth over the last 50 years and has consistently ranked in the top three Asian industrialized market economies for the last decade. Tapping into this growing market, of thirty-one million potential customers, can be a very business savvy maneuver.

Malaysia has a unique culture that is a reflection of its turbulent past. The countryside is scattered with a plethora of remnants from the times of Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonization efforts, as well as Japanese influence from their invasion during WWII. This amazing country endured so much on its journey to independence.

Shipping to Malaysia - How Much Does it Cost to Ship to Malaysia

Your shipping cost to Malaysia is determined by using a combination of factors. When you send a parcel to Malaysia, it is going to have to pass through their customs department. This is where your package will be expected to see if it contains any banned or illicit items. It is important to note an item doesn’t have to be dangerous to be banned. Some countries have restrictions on items you would not think to be dangerous, such as foreign calendars.

You need to go to the Malaysian Custom's web page and confirm that you sending only approved items when shipping from US to Malaysia. A customs invoice will be required from you, stating what you are shipping, how much it costs, and why you are shipping this item. All of these questions help the customs department determine what your overall import tax should be. Luxury items and items that are being imported for resale are always taxed at a higher rate than personal items.

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