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What Happens When You Send a Parcel to Spain

Packages must undergo a customs inspection prior to entry into the country. This inspection serves twovery important purposes. The first purpose is to check for contraband and prohibited items. If you send an item that qualifies as prohibited, it is going to be confiscated. You should never just assume that you know what is prohibited.

Every country has its own individual requirements and they are not all as obvious as dangerous items. Some countries have banned literature and in some countries, you are not allowed to send foreign calendars. Allthis just reinforces the fact that you need to check Spain's Customs Department's website to stay completely up to date.

You will be required to fill out a customs invoice. This invoice will state what you are shipping to Spain. It will also state the value of what it is you are shipping and the reason why you are shipping to Spain.

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Shipping from USA to Spain is our specialty. Let us help guide you through the labyrinth of the international shipping industry. We are committed to excellence, and by delivering the best shipping strategies, we help your company expand into the global marketplace.

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