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Freight Forwarding Explained

We come to your help by providing you with a USA based shipping address that you can use when you shop USA stores online. You shop online and ship to your U.S. address, we will reship your package to your doorstep with ease.

How does it work?


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Shop on thousands of websites in the USA and deliver to your US address. Our team will notify you as soon as we receive a package at your address.


Ship to you

Consolidate your packages and reship them to your international address easily. We will handle everything for you.

Shop in the USA and forward packages to you

You can order from any stores that deliver in the USA. The first step is to create an account with us. Use the address in your Account Dashboard as the shipping address. We ship your orders from the USA to your home. For the total shipping costs use our shipping calculator and add the details requested:

  • destination country
  • the shipping weight of the package (in lbs)
  • the estimated value (in USD)

When placing the order, use the address from your account as delivery address. After your orders are delivered to our warehouse, our team will register them into our system by addingeach package to your account - tracking number, weight and dimensions (L W H). You can then choose to ship your packages or wait for others to arrive and consolidate them for free, and then ship them toyour international shipping address. In order to get your packages shipped, you have to go to your account, choose a destintation address, the shipping carrier and fill out the customs declarations form. You can also add insurance, and special requests, like adding FRAGILE stickers (optional). As soon as your payment clears our account, we will process your request and deliver your shipment accordingly.

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