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Tips for Shipping to Australia

Do you have a package you need to send to the down under? Well, we can help. When it comes to shipping to Australia, we are the best. Our professional staff understands that sending parcels to Australia can be confusing. This is especially true when you are not familiar with the customs regulations of a country. Our staff fully understands the subtle change made in the international shipping industry, over the last decade and we are committed to making your shipping experience as pleasant as possible.

There are endless reasons to ship items to Australia. Perhaps you are moving to Australia and you need to bring your personal belongings. You may have clients that you ship to in Australia; they need their products on time.

Trusting your shipping to just anyone can leave you in an unfortunate scenario. We specialize in shipping from the USA to Australia, so you can avoid the stress. We handle parcels that are going to Australia every day, from Melbourne to Tasmania; nobody beats our pricing and customer service.

It is hard to imagine being without your personal belongings because you used a low-quality shipping firm to help you move to Australia. We have all heard horror stories of people shipping items that end up in limbo. Thankfully, Limbo is one of the few places our international shipping firm doesn't deliver to.

Tips for Sending Packages to Australia

Are you shipping large boxes to Australia? How about your car? Alternatively, is your company sending important products to an Australian client? Each of these items requires a customs invoice to be filed out. This invoice serves a couple purposes. It states what you are shipping. It will state say why you are shipping it. In some instances, it may be required to prove where your products were manufactured.

You will need to fill the customs invoice out completely. Make sure that you leave the correct phone number. It is also recommended to leave an extra contact number, in the case of emergency. You will have your name and information on the customs invoice as well.

Every package entering into Australia is required to be approved by their customs department. This process can sometimes cause delays. Travel and delivery times cannot calculate in customs intervention and the time delays it causes. If you are sending parcels to Australia and there is something wrong with your paperwork or your contact info, you can end up being seriously delayed. The worst case scenario is, you cannot be contacted and your product is now confiscated.

To avoid this, you should always send your packages as early as possible. By planning, you can avoid any scheduling mishaps that may occur due to customs delays.

Before you send your items to Australia, you should visit their custom's website and review what items are on their prohibited or blocked list. If you send an item that is on this list, there is a good chance it will be confiscated and never reach its destination.

How Much does it Cost to Ship to Australia?

Shipping costs to Australia can vary depending on many factors. These include weight, shape, and delivery time. If you need your item to be delivered in Australia with-in the next 24 hours, you are going to pay a premium rate for this expedited service. The same goes for large or overweight items. To avoid these added costs we have compiled a competitive price structure that gives you the lowest rates combined with the most secure shipping strategies.

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You can ship with confidence knowing you have a team of well-trained professionals here to help make your shipping experience stress free. Our quality is unmatched and our rates are competitive. When shipping a package to Australia is your priority, we are the only option you should consider.

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