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Shipping to Burkina Faso - Customs

Whenever you are shipping boxes to Burkina Faso, you will beexpected to fill out a customs form. A customs form consists of all the relevantinformation about your package. This will include what you are shipping, where youare shipping to, and why you are shipping your package in the first place.

This will be used to determine your taxes as well as if you are shipping anythingthat is prohibited. Your taxes are determined by considering a number of factors.Are you shipping to Burkina Faso for personal reasons,or for business? Are you shipping luxury items? How much is the cash value of theitems you are shipping? If you are shipping products for resale, you will be taxedhigher than someone shipping for personal reasons will. Also, if you are shipping luxuryitems, you could receive additional taxes.

Shipping to Burkina Faso - prohibited items

You need to be familiar with the prohibited items list of any country you ship to. Thesevary widely but can be easily researched via their customs website. If you send somethingthat is on the prohibited list, your package will be confiscated, and in some cases, youmay be prosecuted. To avoid this headache, you should always do your homework and neverjust assume what is considered prohibited.

For example, some countries have banned certain literature and some countries have evenbanned foreign calendars. The point is, you should never just assume that something hasto be hazardous or dangerous to make it on the prohibited items list. A vast majority ofsome countries list consist of mostly politically banned items.

When you are shipping from the US to Burkina Faso it is common forcustoms to delay a packages delivery. There is no way to prevent this, and there is no wayto say how long a delay will last. The best thing you can do is to send your package asearly as possible to avoid any customs delays that may make you late for your scheduledarrival. Every country has its customs agents that perform their unique duties.

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