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Shipping to China can open many doors of opportunity for your business. As you may know, China is the most populated region of the earth. This means China is filled with billions of potential business clients waiting for your products and services. Tapping into the Chinese market can be one of the most lucrative business decisions you can make. Shipping from US to China allows your business unlimited growth potential. Our professionally trained staff specializes in sending packages to China.

Many of us recognize that our ports are filled with cargo ships from China. Only the truly business savvy will see the financial opportunity this can provide. The steady stream of freight and cargo shipping going in and out of China can make it seem overwhelming, to find the cheapest shipping to China. Our staff makes use of years of experience shipping packages to and from China, to provide you with themost comprehensive and cheapest shipping costs.

Sending Packages to China

When a package enters China, it must undergo a customs inspection. Every country has their own customs agency with its own requirements and restrictions. You should take a moment to ensure you are not shipping anything that is considered contraband into China. This can be done by visiting the Chinese customs website and reviewing their banned items list. Sending items that are on this list will result in customs confiscation.

Inspecting such a large number of items can be a daunting task. To help facilitate the process customs invoices are used. These invoices state what you are sending. It is important to note that if you fail to put the correct contact information on your customs invoice you may lose a package indefinitely. Customs invoices also have information in regards to the reason you are sending your package to China. Is it a personal item or an item meant to be resold? These factors play a role in your import tax. Luxury items are subject to additional taxes.

For example, if you are shipping jewelry to a relative, you are going to have a lower import tax when compared to an international jeweler, who is sending items strictly for resale in the Chinese market. All of these factors can cause customs delays. Especially since there is literally millions of packages shipped to China every day.

Customs delays are impossible to predict and therefore cannot be calculated into your delivery date. To avoid have a package to China arrive late, you should send all international parcels as early as possible. This simple preventative measure can be the difference between a timely delivery and one that misses your deadline. You should also view the customs website to see if what you are shipping requires any additional paperwork or shipping techniques.

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When sending a parcel to China it is important to understand how shipping traffic works to your benefit. All of this freight to China means cheaper shipping rates for the consumer. Our staff has years of experience in shipping everything from parcels to freight into China. Our shipping strategy ensures you get the cheapest shipping cost to China.  Allow our helpful consultants to custom tailor a shipping strategy that fits your needs. Shipping to China can appear as a maze, allow us to be your guide. To get the cheapest shipping to China you need to work with a team of people who understand the nuances of Chinese customs and their particular import requirements. The research we have done can save you thousands and prevent any delays when sending a parcel to China.

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