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Shipping from USA to UK

The UK is known worldwide for their amazing landmarks and historical architecture. There is so much history packed into this small island. It is no secret that international commerce is a significant portion of the UK's economic strategy. This means, that for some of us the UK is filled with our customers and clients. People that we need to ship to on a regular basis. Shipping packages across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK is critical for many of our businesses.

A shipping strategy can help your company stay organized, and produce happier clients, and higher revenues. When you send a parcel to UK, you must first go through their customs agency. This agency is responsible for registering imports and exports. They keep track of all this by making each shipper fill out a customs invoice. This invoice has basic information on it such as your name and contact info. It also states, what item is being shipped and the reason you are shipping it. All of these factors are used in figuring out your taxes. Luxury items, being imported for sale, are going to be taxed higher than personal items.

Parcel Delivery to UK Customs

When you fill out the customs report, you need to take your time and focus on ensuring you fill it out completely. You should always leave an additional contact phone number, so you can be reached if need be. Customs can delay a package without warning for days. If anything you ship is found to be prohibited your packages will be confiscated. You can avoid situations like this by taking a moment to check the UK custom's website. Here you will find a helpful list of prohibited or banned items.

Every country has its own specific regulations and requirements that must be met. You should never just assume an item is ok to ship internationally. Any dangerous items such as flammable or hazardous material must be shipped through the appropriate channels. Some countries have banned objects you would never expect, such as foreign calendars.

All of this can get confusing. This is why our certified staff is here to help you to find the perfect shipping solution for your company. Whether you are shipping an important package to a client in the Gherkin, or sending your personal items to Oxford University, our international shipping firm has a tailored package that’s right for you. We specialize in corporate accounts sending freight to UK.

Shipping Cost to UK

Shipping cost to UK can depend on a couple variables. How much does your item weight? If you are shipping a car, it is going to cost more than a smaller item. Cars, in particular, have additional taxes and fees to be paid upon arrival in the UK. How big is the item? Long or wide items can still add up to be as much as heavy items. Shipping irregular sized items can require special attention. When do you need the item delivered by? Thanks to technology we can ship almost anywhere in the world, in less than 36 hours. If you need your item delivered within a 24 - 48 hour time period, there is going to be additional costs associated with the expedited service. The catch with this last one is customs can delay any delivery for any reason. This means you may purchase a next day delivery plan and still have a slight delay. The best way to avoid any delays is to ship your items early. By shipping your item early, you leave room in your schedule for customs delays. This is one of the best ways to ensure your package arrives on time.

Cargo Shipping to the UK

Our firm specializes in cargo shipping UK. Our well-trained staff of professionals can help guide you through the international shipping maze. Don't get yourself or your packages lost in limbo. Utilize our years of experience, to make your shipping results better.

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