Consolidation and Repacking

Consolidation will help you save on shipping costs and repacking will resize your package to the best size possible, allowing you to save even more on shipping.

Consolidation and Repacking

Packing is the process of enclosing and/or protecting products and commodities for proper storage, distribution, sale, and use.

The sellers and retailers in the USA pay low cost domestic charges when they ship within the USA. As a result, most of them ship their goods in packages that are sometimes much bigger than the actual content they carryinside. Consolidation or repacking is the service that allows our clients to save up on shipping charges, considering that for international shipments, the shipping charges are calculated by the weight.

Also, in case of fragile items that might break in transit, before transporting the cargo, the packing andextra wrapping is necessary. Our services includes high-quality packing of goods for their safety during transportation according to international standards of cargo packaging so our clients have a damage-free experience.

If you have a special request, just contact us and we will prepare your shipment accordingly.

Our packaging experts will carry out the work in the shortest time possible and you will get packed cargo that can be easily and safely loaded and maintains its marketable condition.